The Journal of Comparative Economic Studies (JCES)
The Journal of Comparative Economic Studies(JCES, ISSN 1880-411X) is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Japanese Society for Comparative Economic Studies (JSCES).

JCES is Japan’s first international journal of Comparative Economics. The JSCES is Japan’s leading independent academic association and has published a leading Japanese academic journal “Comparative Economic Studies”(in Japanese) for over 20 years.

Further, it has commenced the publication of a new journal in English in 2005. The journal focuses on the comparative analysis of economic systems, enterprises and industries, and the economics of transition and institutional development.
The articles published pertain to theoretical studies and empirical analyses. The journal will collaborate in the organization of conferences and regular seminars of the JSCES and will publish academic articles, reviews of recently published books and academic information on comparative economic studies in Japan. All articles and other features will be evaluated by the editorial board. The articles are accepted for publication subject to the condition that they have not already been published elsewhere.

Information for subscribers:
New orders, renewals, claims and all other correspondence relating subscriptions should be addressed to follows.

Prof. Satoshi Mizobata

Address: Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University,
Yoshidahon-machi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, ZIP-code 606-8501

Tel: +81(0)75-753-7144/7140
Fax: +81(0)75-753-7148
E-mail: mizobata@kier.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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Editors and Advisory Board Members of JCES
Managing Editors
Satoshi Mizobata Masahiko Yoshii
Kyoto University, Japan Kobe University, Japan
Review Editors
Hiroaki Hayashi Mihoko Satogami
Ritsumeikan University, Japan Soka University, Japan
Advisory Board
Anders Åslund Grzegorz Ko?odko
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, USA Transformation, Integration and Globalization Economic Research, Poland
Eric Brunat Leonid Kosals
University of Savoie, France Higher School of Economics, Russia
Bernard Chavance Riitta Kosonen
University of Paris 7 - Denis Diderot, France Aalto University, Finland
Richard Connolly Masashi Morioka
University of Birmingham, UK Ritsumeikan University, Japan
L?szl? Csaba Nikolay Nenovsky
Central European University, Hungary The University of Picardie Jules Verne, France
Vladimir Gimpelson Petr Pavl?nek
Higher School of Economics, Russia University of Nebraska, USA
B?la Greskovits Steven Rosefielde
Central European University, Hungary, UK University of North Carolina, USA
Dimiter Ialnazov Marcello Signorelli
Kyoto University, Japan University of Perugia, Italy
Ichiro Iwasaki Hiroshi Tanaka
Hitotsubashi University, Japan Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Kai Kajitani Geoffrey Wood
Kobe University, Japan University of Essex, UK
Byung-Yeon Kim Yang Yao
Seoul National University, South Korea Peking University, China

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Submission of Manuscripts
1. The journal is published on an annual basis.
2. The papers should be written principally in English.
3. The papers may be submitted in an electronic format or in written form (hard copy). The editorial office prefers electronic submissions. With regard to electronic submissions, please submit the paper in the original format and as a PDF file. Please ensure that your PDF document is readable on any computer. Email the paper to mizobata@kier.kyoto-u.ac.jp.
4. In case of hard copy submissions, manuscripts should be submitted to the following address: Prof. Satoshi Mizobata, Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University, Yoshidahon-machi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, 606-8501. Tel: +81 (0)75-753-7144/7140; fax: +81 (0)75-753-7148; e-mail: mizobata@kier.kyoto-u.ac.jp. Four single-sided copies of the typescripts, entirely double-spaced and clearly typed, should be submitted. Each paper should include on a separate covering sheet the number of words, the paper title, author’s name, current address, e-mail address and telephone and fax numbers.
5. The paper should be introduced by a brief abstract of approximately 100 words, keywords and JEL classification numbers. Manuscripts should not normally exceed 10,000 words, inclusive of tables, figures, notes and references.

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